Wednesday, April 23, 2014

An Explaination

Hello everyone,

 You may have noticed that I have not posted anything in about a week. This was totally unplanned and it was only yesterday that I really realized how long it's been since I posted anything. I have a couple posts drafted and several reviews scheduled but nothing for awhile. This blogging slump happened to coincide with yet another reading slump. I have started several books but nothing is really grabbing me lately. I'm sad and frustrated as I have piles of books piling up everywhere, many of them I am dying to read, but I don't want to start any of them. I don't want to run the risk of not being able to enjoy a book because of the reading slump.

I don't do filler posts that much anymore unless it's an author I love or a book I enjoyed. When I was starting this book blogging thing, I did a lot of promotional posts. I don't do them much anymore. I usually do 1 meme, and as many reviews as I can fit in. I don't want to post more than one post a day. I don't focus on keeping a certain schedule anymore. It doesn't work for me. What I do focus on is having fun with this adventure. If I happen to have a week or two where I don't post anything, that's okay.

This coming Saturday I will be celebrating my one year blog-o-versary. It's exciting and it's honestly not a milestone I thought I would get to. I'm sure I'll have a post up for that day, maybe not a full fledged wrap-up post, but I'll definitely acknowledge the bloggers and writers and publishers that I have been fortunate enough to work with this past year.

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