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Review: All The Truth That's In Me by Julie Berry

Book Title: All The Truth That's In Me
Author: Julie Berry
Publish Date: September 26th, 2013
Publisher: Viking Juvenile
Genre: YA/Historical/Mystery
Book Link: Goodreads
Purchase Link: Barnes & NobleAmazon

Synopsis from Goodreads:
Four years ago, Judith and her best friend disappeared from their small town of Roswell Station. Two years ago, only Judith returned, permanently mutilated, reviled and ignored by those who were once her friends and family. Unable to speak, Judith lives like a ghost in her own home, silently pouring out her thoughts to the boy who’s owned her heart as long as she can remember—even if he doesn’t know it—her childhood friend, Lucas. But when Roswell Station is attacked, long-buried secrets come to light, and Judith is forced to choose: continue to live in silence, or recover her voice, even if it means changing her world, and the lives around her, forever. This startlingly original novel will shock and disturb you; it will fill you with Judith’s passion and longing; and its mysteries will keep you feverishly turning the pages until the very last.

Disclaimer: I received this book from ARCycling.

This book is one of those books that could definitely have benefited from better publicity and less hype. A lot of fellow bloggers enjoyed this book but I did not.The writing was strange.It wasn't in verse format though that's what I thought it was for a long time. I'm not even sure that this particular prose has a specific name to it and if it does, could someone tell me?

This book was publicized as a YA Mystery which I was really excited about as I absolutely love YA Mysteries. Unfortunately this turned out to be much more of a historical YA book which really disappointed me.I don't like most historical fiction so I was really bored during most of this book. 

I was hoping that Judith would be an intriguing character and that I would want to find out more about her, but that just didn't happen.I didn't find any of the characters compelling, though I did love that there were horses in it. Though now that I think about it, most historical fiction books do include horses.

Sometimes when a book is different, it's good different, but not this one. I didn't enjoy this one at all and I kept hoping that it would end soon and put me out of my misery.I think if it had been written in straightforward prose, the book could have been a lot better. The book was promising and I was so excited for it.However it fell flat for me and that is why, for many reasons, I have to give it 1 star.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stacking the Shelves #16

Hello everyone,hope you all had a great week filled with all sorts of bookish goodies. I got a few books from NetGalley. All three of them are books I am really excited to read. Not only that, but this week also signified my six month blog-o-versary. So yay me. I am so excited that I managed to keep up this blog for six months. I can only hope that I can do it for many more months.

Don't forget to stop by Tynga's Reviews to link up your Stacking The Shelves posts/vlogs. Don't forget to check out the posts & vlogs of others to see what they got this week.


Received for Review
In Between by Jane Hoppen (e-galley from NetGalley)
Being Sloane Jacobs by Lauren Morrill (e-galley from NetGalley)

Sekret (Sekret #1) by Lindsay Smith (e-galley from Netgalley)


So let me know if you have read any of these and if you have, did you enjoy them. Also don't forget to leave your STS links in the comments so I can stop by and see what you got. Hope everyone has an awesome week.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Review: Forever Innocent by Deanna Roy

Book Title: Forever Innocent
Author: Deanna Roy
Published Date: October 1st, 2013
Publisher: Casey Shay Press
Genre: NA/Romance/Contemporary
Series: Book 1
Book Link: Goodreads
Purchase Links: AmazonBarnes & Noble

Synopsis from Goodreads: 
"Our baby died on prom night, and nothing was ever the same again."

Corabelle doesn’t feel like any of the other college girls. On what should have been one of the happiest nights of her life, she and her boyfriend Gavin watched a nurse disconnect the ventilator from their seven-day-old baby. During the funeral two days later, Gavin walked out and never returned.

Since then, her life has been a spiral of disasters. The only thing that has helped is her ability to black out whenever the pain gets too hard to bear, a habit that has become an addiction.

When Gavin shows up in her astronomy class four years later, he is hell-bent on getting her back, insisting she forgive him. Corabelle knows she can’t resist the touch that fills the empty ache that has haunted her since he left. But if he learns what she has done, if he follows the trail back through her past, her secrets will destroy their love completely. And once again, she’ll lose the only person who always believed she was innocent.

Disclaimer: I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

This is a book that I will have to divide into parts that I really loved and parts that I really didn't like much. The crazy part is those break down into practically half and half. Half of the book I loved and half of the book I really didn't like.This book took me on a roller coaster. Thankfully I love roller coasters, but this was a brutal ride.

Let's start with what I did love about the book. I loved the backstory of how long Gavin and Corabelle had known each other and how they had found themselves preparing to be teen parents to a baby. 

Reading about Finn's short life just about unraveled me. It was heartbreaking and I loved knowing that the author had taken things from her personal life and threaded it into the book.Since the author had experienced the loss of a baby,she was able to bring a different tone to this book.A more personal and emotional tone.

On a personal note, when the book first started to mention that Finn had had something wrong with his heart, I got really curious. I was born with heart problems myself so I was curious to see if the author would handle the defect correctly or not. Well the options Gavin and Corabelle were given were correct but the statement that "heart defects are mostly genetic" drove me bananas because the truth is 95% of heart defects are considered to be flukes or random incidences. So that showed a lack of research on the author's part and that really disappointed me.

I loved that Corabelle let Jenny into her life more and more as the book progressed. Seeing how closed off Corabelle had been at the beginning of the book, it showed a lot of emotional growth in Corabelle that she was willing to let Jenny in on the part of her life that included Finn.

Corabelle's own journey of grief was amazing and beautiful to watch.She would always miss Finn and love him and wish he was here with her, but she was slowly coming out of the haze of grief. Something that had taken her four long years to do.She had spent 4 years pushing people away because she was afraid that she would get too close,too attached and then the person would leave or even die like Finn did.

Now onto the parts that I didn't love so much. Corabelle and Gavin jumped into the sack way too soon. They had each changed in those 4 years they were apart and there wasn't even a discussion about that. It was much too soon and that drove me nuts. Gavin's behavior was also too crazy. He needed to back off when she told him to. Texting and calling and stopping by her home AND her place of work was not only being disrespectful, it was stalking. For crying out loud Gavin, leave her alone. I was absolutely livid that he wasn't being respectful.

 What was worse, was that, despite her friends' efforts to do what Corabelle wanted, the minute he finally got to see her again he started in with the "I know we can make it work" crap. Well I was just pissed off that he could be so sure of that when he didn't know what she had done in those past 4 years and he didn't even have the balls to be honest with her about what had done.

This book will be getting 3.5 stars. Parts of it I really loved, but the parts of it that included Gavin's pushy-ness and Corabelle's lack of restraint are forcing me to lower the rating.I am so glad that the book featured a baby with a heart defect, as there aren't that many books that do. I just wish the one fact that had been in the book was correct.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Book Blogger Challenge-Week 7

Hello everyone, to be honest I haven't really felt like doing this one this week but I knew that if I didn't do this one, this week, I'd have to double up next week, which was not an appealing thought. So this week's edition of the Book Blogger Challenge comes to you both grudgingly but also resignedly. This comes from Good Books & Good Wine.

Talk About Your Blogging Quirks

  • I start a review post right after I finish the book so I don't forget things that I want to talk about. Unless I finish the book at like 3am or something.Then I wait until the next morning.
  • I'm slowly learning how to make my reviews longer without sounding verbose.
  • I struggle writing reviews much more with books that I loved as opposed to ones that I hated.
  • I'm learning to love using GIF's in reviews. Especially ranty ones.
  • After I post a review on the blog, I immediately add my review to Goodreads and to Amazon.
  • I feel bad that I don't comment much on other people's blogs. Then I get it into my head that I must comment a lot in a short amount of time.
  • I am learning that I don't have to post every day and that life will go on if I don't post one day.
So tell me, what are your blogging quirks?

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Book Blitz: Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters

tot sale four
** For the first time ever, Tears of Tess is on sale!**
To celebrate the success of Tears of Tess, Pepper Winters has placed the international bestseller on sale for one week only.
If you haven’t read this dark romance yet now is a perfect time.
Was $3.99
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Title: Tears of Tess
Author: Pepper Winters
Genre: New Adult Dark Romance
Release Date: August 28, 2013

Book Trailer

“My life was complete. Happy, content, everything neat and perfect. Then it all changed. I was sold.”
 Tess Snow has everything she ever wanted: one more semester before a career in property development, a loving boyfriend, and a future dazzling bright with possibility. For their two year anniversary, Brax surprises Tess with a romantic trip to Mexico. Sandy beaches, delicious cocktails, and soul-connecting sex set the mood for a wonderful holiday. With a full heart, and looking forward to a passion filled week, Tess is on top of the world. But lusty paradise is shattered. Kidnapped. Drugged. Stolen. Tess is forced into a world full of darkness and terror. Captive and alone with no savior, no lover, no faith, no future, Tess evolves from terrified girl to fierce fighter. But no matter her strength, it can’t save her from the horror of being sold. Can Brax find Tess before she’s broken and ruined, or will Tess’s new owner change her life forever?
Buy the Book
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This was it. My new beginning. My new ending. I didn’t know what beheld my fate, but I sucked in a breath and stepped over the threshold. “Bon soir, esclave.” My eyes soared up to the first landing of a giant blue velvet staircase. Massive works of art hung like armament on gold gilded walls. A man in a grey chequered suit, with black shirt, silver tie, and slicked back hair watched me from the landing. His gaze unclothed me, terrified me. I stepped back, bumping against guard who didn’t let me go any further. He bent his head and whispered in my ear, his breath tickling my neck. “Say hello to your new master.”  
tot three sale
About the Author
Pepper Winters wears many roles. Some of them include writer, reader, sometimes wife. She loves dark, taboo stories that twist with your head. The more tortured the hero, the better, and she constantly thinks up ways to break and fix her characters. Oh, and sex… her books have sex. ;) She loves to travel and has an amazing, fabulous hubby who puts up with her love affair with her book boyfriends. Her debut book Tears of Tess will be followed with Quintessentially Q. You didn’t think Q could stop so soon, did you? Her other two titles, Last Shadow and Broken Chance will be coming soon.  

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Review: North Star by Cassandra Gunn

Okay you guys, this review will be a little different. Several months ago a family friend asked me to read & review the story her 8th grade daughter chose to write for her 8th grade project. I immediately agreed to do it but unfortunately I wasn't able to get to it until recently.

Without further ado, here it is...

Book Title: North Star
Author: Cassandra Gunn
Genre: YA/Mystery

15 year old Anne finds herself facing the pain and loneliness after the death of her parents.She is adopted by a wealthy couple that care about nothing other than power, and the feeling of neglect haunts her in her sleep. 

This story is about a girl, struggling to find courage as she seeks for the truth of a mystery that could unlock her past, all the while feeling out of place, and missing the acceptance of a true friend. At first Anne thinks there is no one standing by her side,but in the end she comes to realize there are many people who care for her,she just has yet to discover them.

Anne is faced with many challenges,builds unexpected friendships,learns how love can blind one's judgement and discovers the light and darkness in all of us.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author.

Ahhh, I loved this story so much. Anne was a likable character who showed significant depth through the entire story.Her adoptive parents were a totally different story. They were awful human beings,made even worse when we learned what sort of dark secrets they were keeping from Anne regarding her parents.

Anne's living the dream of being dressed in finery,but the truth is, this isn't her. She's not comfortable  in the array of finery that she is dressed in every single day. She longs for the days of ice skating with her birth mother prior to the accident.The descriptions of the different ice skating moves was great. I don't know much about ice skating (except I can't do it) so it was really great to see an author explain the ice skating terminology.

Daphne was a good friend to Anne at first but it almost felt as the friendship was conditional. Only and until Anne misbehaved at school was Daphne friends with her. Clarice start off as a bit of a witch,but once we got to know her, she didn't seem as mean. Which was good because by that time,Anne needed a friend.

The secondary characters Francine, Sophia and James were all great in their own way.They each had some flaws but those flaws did not overrule their positive attributes.

The editing was fantastic. I was so excited to see that an 8th grade project could be edited so well.I have a feeling that the author is destined to be a writer as this story shows what she can do already.I will be giving this story 4 stars. It had great characters, great story flow and I loved the epilogue. The only thing I wish, is that it was longer.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Meet My Furbabies

Hello everyone, nope no review today but after reading Molli's post about her furbabies as well as Kara and Lynn's post on their rescue animals, I decided to take some time to talk about my own furbabies. First of all,I want to introduce you to a very special cat who is no longer with us.

Here I am at five years old with a teeny tiny kitten that I named Molly. She was a present given to me by my grandmother's 2nd husband who was more like a grandfather to me than my actual grandfather. I had just had serious, life-saving surgery and he got me this kitten as a present while I recovered.We lost her to Lymphoma shortly before my 18th birthday. Nine years later, I still miss her.

I have had cats in my home pretty much all of my life. I remember some of their names and what they looked like.

  • Tiger-Tiger striped female. She ran away to die at 19.
  • Pee-head- Gray fat cat who we found dead under the house.We believe she died of kidney failure.
  • Molly- Siamese female who we lost to Lymphoma.
  • Angel- All white cat except for a gray spot (or halo) between her ears and with one green eye and one blue eye.She died last October at age 19.
  • Eclipse- All black female cat who died 4 years ago due to her being overweight.She was 14.
  • Stevie-All gray female who we believe was carried off by a coyote 3.5 years ago.She was 13.
  • Fuzzy- Himylan female who died in her sleep.She was 12 years old.
Those are all the cats who have crossed over to the rainbow bridge in my life. They all meant something to me. But enough sadness. Let's meet the 2 newest additions to my life. Prince and Tiffany.

Here he is on the very day we got him. Now the circumstances are definitely not ideal but I am so grateful we were able to give him a home. First of all the lady we got him from assured us up and down that she was a rescuer and that she just wanted to find a good home for him. She assured us that he was in perfect health and that he was 11 weeks old.

Now does he look like he's 11 weeks old?

Yeah...No. However we were worried about what she'd do to him if we didn't take him and so we did.We made an immediate appointment with the vet and was told that not only was he not 11 weeks old, the vet estimated he was 8 weeks old. The vet tech we had that day said he looked more like six weeks old. Then we were told he had yeast in his ears along with ear mites, worms in his stomach and worst of all,he tested weak positive for Feline Lukemia.
I was heartbroken.He was such a sweet baby and I hated the idea of him suffering.We decided to nurse him back to health and then retest him. When we retested him he still was showing a weak positive. The vet then said, we'd test him a 3rd time and if that test was also positive we'd treat him as if he had Feline Lukemia. Well as luck would have it,January 6th, 2012 we got the third and final test results back...

It was negative.

That was the best news we had ever heard.I just remember crying and cuddling him pretty much the entire day.Plans were then made to neuter him.He did wonderfully with that surgery and it really mellowed him out.Before then he would attack us for no reason...a lot.He still did it after he was fixed but it was no where near at the level it used to be.

Oh and one day I was sifting through the stuff that the lady we bought him from, gave us and I found a blue TICA slip which told me that she was not a "Bengal rescuer" but a backyard breeder as she had known EXACTLY who Prince's parents were.

Right around Christmas of 2012, we started talking about getting another cat.We had gotten the approval from the landlord so we began looking.This time we went through a reputable breeder.I had lost the fight with my mom to get a shelter cat.Shortly after a cardiac procedure I had in February, we found the kitten we wanted.

When she came to live with us, she was pretty shy initially and she still is shy with those she doesn't know really well. She is such a sweetheart and really the complete opposite of Prince.She is so healthy which is a great thing. She has bonded with me as I was the main person who was with her when she first came to live with us.

Yet she and Prince get along great. I was worried about how Prince would do with a new cat as he is pretty protective of the three of us who live in this house.

Clearly I didn't need to worry. They get along just fine.

The naming of the cats was tough, both times. We picked names out of a hat for both cats. Prince was named after the musician and Tiffany was named after Jennifer Lawrence's character in Silver Linings Playbook.

So tell me about your pets!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stacking The Shelves #15

Hello again everyone. Hope your week was full of lots of good books. Mine definitely was.Which is why I am so glad that it was also a slow book week.Only 3 books this week. 2 from NetGalley and one from a tour host for a book tour that I am participating in. I am behind in reading & reviewing as I decided to read a couple of the early 2014 releases already. Whooopsies. So nothing is really planned for this week on the blog so posts may be infrequent this week.

Be sure to stop by Tynga's Reviews to link up your book haul posts and vlogs. Be sure to stop by other blogs to see what they added to their shelves this week.

Onto the fun stuff...The books!

Received for Review
The Plague by Lisa Hinley (e-galley from NetGalley)

Let Me Go by L.L. Akers (Received for my participation in a Blog Tour)

Dream Girl (Book #1) by S.J. Lomas (e-galley from NetGalley)


So be sure to let me know if you've read these or if you want to.I'll be interested to see how these turn out.

And because I want to and Christina has inspired me, I'll be including pics of my adorable cats this week. I've been meaning to do it for weeks but I just never found a good part to put them in.

Here's Prince. He's a 2 year old Bengal.

This is Tiffany. This was taken shortly after she came to live with us at the beginning on May.She is a 8 month old Snow Bengal. 

This was them only a few days after they had met. Given Prince's personality, we weren't sure how he'd do with a new kitten in the house.He surprised us big time.

Well I will see you all next week for yet another edition of Stacking the Shelves. Until then, have an awesome week.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Review: Streaks of Blue by Jack Chaucer

Book Title: Streaks of Blue
Author: Jack Chaucer
Published Date: September 27th, 2013
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: YA/Contemporary
Book Link: Goodreads
Purchase Link: Amazon

Synopsis from Goodreads:
 Adam Upton and Thomas "Lee" Harvey are plotting the next big school massacre at their New Hampshire high school. Nicole Janicek, who knew Adam in elementary school, tries to reconnect with the damaged teen at the start of their senior year. But will Nicole’s attempt to befriend the would-be killer disrupt the plot and turn Adam’s life around before the clock strikes 12:14?

Disclaimer: I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

This one is going to be a very hard one to review. Mostly because I found the first 65% of it slow and boring but the last 35% more than made up for it.I did love that the author dedicated this book to the families of Sandy Hook and to be totally honest, this book brought back a lot of the memories from that day as a friend's son was a student at that very school on that very day.It was hard for me to read this book at times.  

The book starts off with Nicole and her best friend Candace hiking and camping. That night Nicole has what initially seems to be just a dream. However Nicole quickly believes that this is no dream and that what she actually had is a vision. Despite the increase of school shootings over the last 2 decades I'm not sure I would have believed in this dream, vision whatever you want to call it as quickly as Nicole did. I think I would have taken a similar stance as Candace did.

Yet Nicole seems hell bent on befriending Adam Upton and she starts by driving his freshman brother, Brody, home. Now I don't think I would have done that, but Nicole seems so insistent on seeing the good in people. Now I'm not knocking that, but she did seem a little naive at times, which was part of what bored me to pieces during the majority of the book.

Like I said previously though, the last 35% of the book was beautiful and it really brought out a whole lot of emotions in me.I would say I cried a good chunk of the last 35% of the book.

Where initially Nicole seemed like a do-gooder in a very obnoxious way,she grew to be a very strong, likable character which made me really happy.It was clear to me how much the Sandy Hook massacre had affected her and as weird as it sounds,that made me happy.I was happy she wasn't a typical selfish teenager who only thought of herself.Now Adam's character did the biggest change of everyone and it was so great to be able to witness the very strong character evolution in him.

The crazy part is that my absolute favorite part of the book had to do with the re-connection with her estranged father.Unless you've been estranged from your father for many years, you cannot understand how it can touch you to see a father reach out to his daughter.This was hands down one of the most emotional parts of any book I have ever read.

"I'm so proud of you Nikki. I'm so damn proud of my little girl" -Roger

This book is about redemption in so many ways and for several characters. For Adam, Adam's father, Nicole's father. This book could have easily been titled Redemption.I will be giving it 4 stars. The last 35% of the book completely turned my rating around and while I know some people may say that it was too little, too late, I will wholeheartedly disagree with them.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Book Blogger Challenge-Week 6

Hello again everyone,I'm back for the sixth installment of the book blogger challenge.This comes from Good Books and Good Wine. I made it into a weekly thing instead of doing it daily. So check out my answer to this week's question and tell me how book shopping has gone for you before and or after you started blogging.

Week 6- Describe How You Shop For Books
I really don't have a specific way I shop for books. Before blogging I would just go to a bookstore and pick up something without knowing anything about it.I often didn't even recognize the author's name. Now I go to bookstores looking specifically for certain titles, often titles that my fellow bloggers have mentioned to me. I rarely ever shop blindly anymore.

I still shop on Amazon.Actually that's where I buy the majority of my books. I do have bookstores nearby but Amazon is SO darn convenient.Yeah the waiting can be a real pain in my butt, but it is SO exciting to get a package in the mail.

So how do you shop for books?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review: Sia by Josh Grayson

Book Title: Sia
Author: Josh Grayson
Publish Date: November 20th, 2013
Published By: Josh Grayson
Genre: YA/Contemporary/Romace
Book Link: Goodreads
Pre-Order Links: 

Synopsis from Goodreads:
When seventeen-year-old Sia wakes up on a park bench, she has no idea who or where she is. Yet after a week of being homeless, she’s reunited with her family. At school, she’s powerful and popular. At home, she’s wealthy beyond her dreams. But she quickly realizes her perfect life is a lie. Her family is falling apart and her friends are snobby, cruel and plastic. Worse yet, she discovers she was the cruelest one. Mortified by her past, she embarks on a journey of redemption and falls for Kyle, the “geek” she once tormented. Yet all the time she wonders if, when her memories return, she’ll become the bully she was before…and if she’ll lose Kyle.

Disclaimer: I received this e-galley from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

I was thrilled when Netgalley approved me for this title. The premise looked awesome and I was hoping that the premise would match the book in awesome-ness. It totally did. This book was about reinventing yourself. One might also say that it involved learning to find yourself all over again. Sia's memory loss allowed her to not only change herself for the better,but it also allowed her to surround herself with... I don't want to say better people, but different people.

Carol was a huge part of that. She took care of Sia while Sia was homeless and living on the streets for that one week. It was Carol who showed Sia the meaning of kindness. Something the old Sia didn't understand.I loved Carol. She was everything that Sia needed that week and she continued to exude kindness to Sia even after Sia returned home to her family. Carol was the epitome of being grateful for what she had, while still working hard to better herself. That, I believe was Sia's inspiration. 

Watching Sia change from the fashion obsessed, cruel high schooler that she used to be to the kindhearted, gentle and generous person she became was amazing. I know her friends, particularly Amber had a rough time of it, but seeing Sia not cave when Amber started up with her old tricks again was awesome. Sia no longer cared about fashion, boys and popularity. She cared about being a good person who cared about others.

This book could have easily been titled redemption as Sia was redeemed. Her amnesia allowed her to become a different person. She got a chance to change and she happily took that chance. Something not everyone would have been brave enough to do.

Kyle was a total sweetheart and he was a much better boyfriend than Sia's previous boyfriend Duke, They were polar opposites which I guess made sense given Sia's development throughout the book.

I have to give this book 4 stars. It was a great read but I really felt like the last few chapters were rushed and I really didn't like that. I didn't understand why they were rushed and I feel like it would have been a better read if the last few chapters were just a bit longer.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review: How Sweet It Is by Melissa Brayden

Book Title: How Sweet It Is
Author: Melissa Brayden
Publish Date: November 19th, 2013
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
Genre: LGBT/Contemporary
Book Link: Goodreads
Purchase Link: AmazonBarnes & Noble

Synopsis from Goodreads:
Some things are better than chocolate...

Molly O’Brien is a sweetheart. Her friends and neighbors all think so. While she enjoys her quiet life running the town bakeshop in Applewood, Illinois, she wonders if there could be more. After losing the love of her life four years prior in a plane crash, Molly thinks she’s ready to navigate the dicey dating waters once again. However, you can’t always pick who your heart latches on to. When Jordan Tuscana, the beautiful younger sister of her lost love, returns to town, Molly finds her interest piqued in a manner she wasn’t prepared for.

As secrets are uncovered, Molly and Jordan must figure out how to navigate the difficult terrain of their multi-faceted relationship. Especially when something much deeper seems to be bubbling between them.

Disclaimer: I received this e-galley from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

I've been reading more and more books in the LGBT genre lately and so far they have been a hit or miss for me. This one was kind of in the middle.Some parts of it, I loved while some other parts drove me insane.

Molly is clearly still carrying around a lot of pain from losing Cassie four years previously but she is also realizing that she wants to start dating again.That's both exciting and scary. Molly doesn't want to hurt her second family, Cassie's family.

Personally I understood why she let Cassie's family know that she was ready to start dating again,but the fact of the matter is,she didn't have to. It's none of the Tuscana family's business when she's ready to date. So I thought that was just a little too much. Yes they are close but what was Molly gonna do if they told her not to date yet? Agree with them? I hope not.

Jordan was the black sheep of the Tuscana family.She went as far away from the family career of medicine as she could.What never changed for her was how she felt about her dead sister's longtime girlfriend. From the time Jordan was young,she had always crushed on Molly.

One of my biggest problems is that I didn't feel the chemistry between Jordan and Molly. I tried my hardest to see it, but I just didn't see it or feel it at all. That's rough because their love story is the main plot point for this book.The idea that everything you could ever want was right in front of you and you never realized it.

"You can't choose who you fall in love with." -Molly

I did love how close Molly and her dad were. Very rarely do we see families as close knit as both Molly's and Jordan's were.Eden, Damon, Louise and George were four great secondary characters and I loved that the four of them played their parts in this book.They were definitely in the book enough which was great as sometimes secondary characters aren't really in the book that much.

I had such high hopes for this book and it absolutely KILLS me to have to give it only 3 stars.It's a problem when you root for the couple to be apart rather than together. I liked Molly and Jordan when they were simply friends.They were stronger characters for me when they were apart.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Stacking the Shelves #14

Hi, all of you awesome people. You may have noticed that I did not have a Stacking the Shelves post last Sunday. That reason was really because I had only received one book and I thought it was pointless to have a book haul post with only one book in it. This week,however NetGalley has been very kind to me. I received 5 books from NetGalley. Some of them are even early 2014 releases. Yipeee :) Broken Beauty was the only book I got 2 weeks ago and yes I did already read & review it. It just felt weird not to put it in the post.

I also received an e-ARC of The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year by Marie Landry. I am SO excited for this one.

Don't forget that this feature comes from Tynga's Reviews. Don't forget to stop by and link up your Stacking The Shelves posts/vlogs etc. As always don't forget to let me know if you have read any of the books that I got and if you did read it, what did you think of it.

Received for Review
Broken Beauty (Broken Beauty Novellas #1) by Lizzy Ford (writing as Chloe Adams)
(e-book from Netgalley)

Forever Innocent by Deanna Roy (e-book from Netgalley)

Above by Isla Morley (e-galley from Netgalley)

Once Upon A Lie by Maggie Barbieri (e-galley from Netgalley)

The Summer I Found You by Jolene Perry (e-galley from Netgalley)

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year by Marie Landry (received e-ARC from Author)

Skin and Bones by Sherry Shahan (e-galley from Net Galley)


See you all next week. Until then, happy reading.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cover Reveal: Shattered Ties by K.A. Robinson

With a former supermodel mother and a rock-and-roll legend father, Emma Preston has the best of everything. Nothing is as perfect as it seems though. After her parents divorce, she’s forced to live with her mother in a private Santa Monica community. Ignoring their parental roles, her mother becomes more focused on climbing the social ladder while her father is off on tour.Growing up in a trailer park with his mother, Jesse is used to people looking down on him. When his mother begs him to submit an application for a scholarship to one of Santa Monica’s top private schools, he never expects to actually get it. When he does, he is forced to attend school with a bunch of rich kids. He ignores their stares as they judge him for having tattoos and a less than impressive car. As long as he has his surfboard and the guys at the tattoo shop, he knows he can make it through.

When Jesse shows up on the first day of school, Emma can’t help but be intrigued. Her mother would never approve of Emma talking to someone so poor, but she doesn’t care because something about Jesse draws her to him.

Jesse tries to hate Emma, but he discovers that he can’t resist her. Forced to hide their relationship from Emma’s mother and everyone else around them, things start to fall apart. When Jesse’s friend, Ally, decides to interfere, things go from bad to worse.

Can they survive their first love? Or will they be left with nothing more than shattered ties?

Book 1 of a 2 book series. 

Book Link: Goodreads

**18+ for sexual situations, cursing, and adult content.***

Friday, October 11, 2013

Book Blogger Challenge- Week 5

I'm back again for the 5th installment of the Book Blogger Challenge. This awesome feature comes from the awesome Good Books and Good Wine.Without who I never would have found out about this feature.

Week 5-Recommend a tearjerker
I could actually name a lot of tearjerkers as I have read a lot of them recently. My favorite tearjerker is a virtual tie between The Program by Suzanne Young and If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch. Both heartbreakingly beautiful (if that's even possible) Both of them caused many tears on my part. If I had to rate them on a tear scale, I'd go with The Program by Suzanne Young.There were many pages and even full chapters that I just sobbed through.

Here are my reviews for both of them. 

I gave them both 5 stars easily. They both brought out the feels in me in VERY similar ways.So if you're looking for a tearjerker, go get your hands on one of these. Or both of them if you REALLY want to cry.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cover Reveal: What Remains by Nicole R. Taylor

Book information:
What Remains by Nicole R. Taylor 
Publication date: October 15th 2013
Genres: Adult, Post-Apocalyptic


I’d never known true darkness until the lights went out.
I had never known what it was to be hungry.
Everyone I ever knew was dead. If they weren’t, then they wished they were.
I know I did.

Prue Ashford has been surviving alone in the Australian bush for the last three years. After an unknown virus wiped out most of the human population, she escaped the chaos and hid. Every town and city was locked down into quarantine, but that only led to the inevitable. Death. Living off the land, avoiding other survivors turned bad, she’s led a lonely life, surviving on the edge of a very narrow cliff. The moment she begins to lose hope is when she meets the handsome and enigmatic, Shaw.
He’s the first human being she’s seen in three years that hasn’t tried to kill her and she doesn’t dare to hope. She’d given up finding anyone alive that still had goodness inside of them.

Her only option if she wants to live is to trust Shaw and he takes her to the isolated community he calls home. Being among people again is it’s own challenge and Prue finds herself tested on every front. Making friends was never easy for her and making them after an apocalypse is even harder.
Hannah, the town’s apprentice doctor, becomes the closest thing Prue has to a best friend and Nan fast becomes her surrogate mother. Shaw brings feelings to the surface that she would rather forget and Eva, the mayor’s daughter, seems hell bent on making her life a living hell.

In the end, Prue must make a decision. Stay in the town at the end of the world and learn how to love again, or go back into the wasteland of human civilisation and go it alone.


What Remains is a gritty story of human survival. When society crumbles and chaos reigns, people become desperate. They turn to violence and resort to extreme measures to go on living. Parts of this story may be confronting for some people. It contains violent situations staged by desperate people, the extremes that people go to to show their love and a dose of bad language. It’s recommended for readers 18 and up.

Book Link: Goodreads
Purchase Links: SmashwordsAmazon

Author Bio:
Nicole R. Taylor is a Paranormal, Urban Fantasy and Contemporary Romance author from country Victoria, Australia.

Previously, she has written for various small street press music and entertainment publications as a gig and album reviewer before publishing her first Urban Fantasy novel in early 2013.

When she isn't writing, Nicole likes to spend time curled up with a good book and her 3-year-old rescue cat, Burger. She gets itchy feet more often than not and has lived in three countries and travelled to three times as many.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Review: Return To Me by Mae Archer

Book Title: Return To Me 
Author: Mae Archer
Publish Date: September 1st, 2013
Publisher: Momentum Books
Genre: Fiction
Book Link: Goodreads
Purchase Link: Amazon

Synopsis from Goodreads:
After a seemingly fatal car accident Lana Walters is transported to a parallel world for a second chance with her dead husband Frank. However, she is not prepared to find that her husband – and the world itself – are very different to her own.

In her other life Lana's upbringing prepared her for the challenge of being married to Frank, who had a terminal heart condition. In this new world everyone she knows has made different choices and are different people. In this world she is Alannah Walker, and her husband is Tristan. At first the transfer is a fairytale come true ... until reality intrudes.

Born Frank Walters, Tristan hides his past under a new name. His heart condition discovered and treated when he was a child, Tristan's life fell apart when he was 19 years old and made him the man he is today. In love with his wife, Alannah, but betrayed by her neediness Tristan recognizes she is a different person since the car accident but lessons of the past have taught him not to trust too easily.

Now Lana has a choice to make: is this a second chance for love, or a second chance for her to live the life that she never could before?

Disclaimer: I received this e-book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

This was a book that I very nearly DNF'ed about 10% into it. It started off really slowly and I wasn't sure about this one. I really don't like books that start off so slowly.Then it got a lot better but I don't think I really "got" this book. I found it really confusing. The premise of the story sounded so good and definitely confusing but I figured that I'd understand it much better once I started reading it. Well once I finished the book and closed it, I realized that I couldn't explain it at all.

That's not a good sign. If an author can take a confusing plot and explain it clearly so everyone can understand it,that's good. However Archer did not do that. It also didn't help that the characters were boring and most of them seemed to have a 1-track mind. To be honest the only people I found interesting were Evan and Tammy. Evan was Alannah's stepbrother and Tammy was Alannah's mother.

I didn't really see the chemistry between Alannah/Lana and Tristan/Frank. It's hard for me to root for a couple to get things right when I can't see or feel the chemistry between them. That is the main reason that I have to give this book 2 stars.Very poor character development + non-existent chemistry pretty much ruins the book. Despite the perfect editing job that was done on this book, I just didn't enjoy the book at all.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review: Broken Beauty (Broken Beauty #1) by Chloe Adams

Book Title: Broken Beauty (Broken Beauty #1)
Author: Chloe Adams (real name Lizzy Ford)
Published Date: September 22nd, 2013
Publisher: Indie Inked
Genre: YA/Contemporary
Series: Book 1 in a 6 book series
Book Link: Goodreads
Purchase Link: Amazon

Synopsis from Goodreads:
**Contains graphic content and the sensitive topic of rape and its aftermath. Not intended for teens under the age of 18.**

Sometimes bad things happen to beautiful people.

When socialite party girl Mia Abbott-Renou wakes up in a garden she has little recall of the previous night -- except that she is naked...hurt...terrified. Not only has she been raped, but she knows one of her assailants: the son of a wealthy politician who happens to be her own father’s political ally.

Mia wants and needs justice. Except this privileged boy has an alibi and her father forbids her from going to the police. It’s a critical election year, one that his party might lose if his image as a doting father is soured due to Mia being labeled a lush or worse, promiscuous.

Devastated at not having the support of her family, Mia finds herself in a tug-of-war with her conscience over what to do, especially since she can’t remember exactly what happened that night. Worse, the men who attacked her have hurt several other girls, and Mia may be the key to stopping them.

Mia tries to forget, until the unthinkable happens, and she’s left reeling once again, faced with a new challenge that will force her to take more control of her life.

Originally published in October 2012 as "No Way Back" by Chloe Adams.

Disclaimer: I received this e-book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

When I first started this book I had no idea that it was part one of a six part novella that had initially been one whole book.I only found that out after I finished reading it and was formatting this post.This book was horrifying and heartbreaking but it did send a very strong message,that no matter what,rape victims are strong and they are fighters. No matter what.Even if, like Mia, they have no family support.

That to me was really the most heartbreaking part. She had a politically minded family but they couldn't put aside their politics to help her. That was awful and I cried SO much. The only people she seemed to be able to rely on are her best friend Ari and Dom, who was one of the detectives assigned to her case.The only family member that seemed to care about her at all was her uncle Chris.Very rarely are incles featured so prominently in books.This book or novella as it's referred to,was different.

Normally I don't like novellas all that much but this one was different. In 85 pages it brought out the feels in me so much. I was angry,heartbroken,happy and hopeful. It's rare to have all of those feelings in such a short book which is why I am giving it five stars. I eagerly await the next installment of this series.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Review: Torn (Torn #1) by K.A. Robinson

Book Title: Torn (Torn #1)
Author: K.A. Robinson
Published Date: May 7th, 2013
Publisher: Atria Publishing
Genre: NA/Romance
Series: Book 1 in Torn series
Book Link: Goodreads
Purchase Link: Amazon

Synopsis from Goodreads: 
 Chloe hasn't had the best life. With a mother who is gone more often than not, she has had to raise herself. After graduating high school, she leaves to start a new life away at West Virginia University with her best friends Amber and Logan, determined to leave her demons in the past. 

On her first day, she meets a stranger who takes her breath away at first sight. Until she met Drake, no one had ever sparked her interest. Now this tattooed and pierced bad boy is all she can think about, no matter how hard she fights it.

Falling for Drake was never part of her plans, but when it happens, things seem to do anything but fall into place.

Dealing with a tragic past, Drake has never cared about anyone else but himself and his band. But when Chloe takes the empty seat next to him in class, things start to change. Instantly drawn to her, he begins to wonder if one girl can take a cold hearted womanizer and change every part of him?
Long hidden feelings are revealed and friendships tested to the brink. 

Disclaimer: I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

I just... I am not even sure why this book has gotten so many high ratings. I just don't get it. I tried really hard to understand why this book was so highly rated. Drake did nothing for me and actually I lost a LOT of respect for him throughout the book. What kind of guy hooks up with a woman who's spoken for? This of course leads into my extremely negative feelings about Chloe. I was really hoping to like her and I did until she got in over her head and played with both guys' hearts.

It's extremely disrespectful to essentially help someone cheat on their boyfriend. I am never going to think that was okay.Because it wasn't. Drake struck me as pushy and abrasive and arrogant.Definitely not my type of guy. But the aggravating part is that Chloe lapped it up. That was unbelievably frustrating.Logan was a total sweetheart and actually he really reminded me of my ex.All my ex wanted for me, was for me to be happy. Yes, Logan got a teeny bit controlling at times and that was definitely not okay. I would have nipped it in the bud immediately.

Chloe seemed very emotionally immature,especially in the ways that she handled Drake and Logan. She never once thought about how they were feeling. Nope it was all about her, her, her. I actually liked the bits with her mom even if I couldn't relate. It made Chloe a little more likable for me. I also liked her friendships with Amber, Rachel and Jade and I don't think enough attention was paid to them.

Overall, I really didn't like this book. Chloe was selfish and emotionally immature, Drake had no morals and Logan was having to play second best even if he didn't realize it.I really was very disappointed by this book and that's why I have to give it two stars.