Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Pivot Point by Kasie West

Author: Kasie West
Publish Date: February 12th,2013
Published by: Harper Teen
Genre: YA/Paranormal

Synopsis: Addison "Addie" Coleman lives in constant what if's.As a Searcher,Addie can look into the future whenever she has to make a choice about something,anything.A very important choice hits her out of nowhere when her parents announce that they are divorcing. Now Addie has to choose who she wants to live with (a rough decision for most kids in this situation) However Addie can look into the future and see what life she likes best. Her father will be leaving the paranormal compound to live among the "Norms" while her mother will stay put.

In one future,Addie is adjusting to life outside the compound,meeting new faces like Trevor. He's sweet and kind to her. In the other future Addie is being pursued by the hottest guy in their high school. Things kind of turn on their head when Addie's father is asked to consult on a murder in the compound.It will eventually come down to,who can Addie not afford to lose.

Disclaimer: I purchased this book off of Amazon.

Review: I must admit that I had heard so many great things about this book but I was worried that I wouldn't like it. While the beginning was a tiny bit on the slow side,it really picked up quickly and I was drawn into such an interesting world.

I know it sounds crazy but for the longest time I was drawn to Duke. Yes he was an arrogant ass in the beginning. Yes he had the typical quarterback's attitude but I was drawn to him. Trevor on the other hand was kind of boring. I know he was sweet and Addie liked how he understood her but I really thought he was boring.In terms of character development,both love interests definitely had distinct personalities that authors tend not to showcase enough for me.

Addie was awesome. She was the kind of character that I would want as a best friend.She was funny, loyal & kind. Laila was awesome too. She definitely had spunk just like Addie did but again they weren't like two peas in a pod or anything. They had their own distinct likes & personalities. Bobby was a class A jerk and I wanting nothing more than for him to get what was coming to him. 

From a writing standpoint,it was perfection. Great pacing & the editing was perfection. No issues at all. At first going back and forth between the possible futures was a bit confusing but I caught on quickly.

It really made me think though. All I could think when I was reading this (outside of what future will Addie pick) was my future. If I was a Searcher would I Search frequently to make choices or would I just let life happen until I had to make a significant choice like Addie did. I found myself wondering what my future held and I even wished that the ability to know my future was a real thing.

It was an amazing book that I would happily and enthusiastically recommend to all of my friends. Five stars to this book that made me think about my own life.


  1. I so agree! Trevor was kind of my biggest let down for the book because he was just really blah! But their friendship was nice overall.

  2. I could tell that Trevor was supposed to be the Anti Duke and he was nice and all but that was it. I didn't buy the idea of them together. They seemed to be much better as friends.

  3. Oh, I actually really liked Trevor, however I was also drawn to Duke in the beginning. I thought both relationships were really convincingly done. Totally shipped Trevor and Addie though. TOTALLY. This is your revenge for me not liking Divergent, right? ;)

  4. Yup totally my revenge for you not liking Divergent :)


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