Friday, May 2, 2014

Role Reversal

It's no secret that my mom and I are incredibly close. I know I've alluded to it in book reviews (when appropriate) It's also no secret that I have health problems. I have mentioned them in general terms before and don't worry, I'm not going to delve into them further today.

On May 20th, my mom will be having knee surgery. It'll be arthroscopic so she'll be discharged on the same day. Procedure should take about 2 hours max, but it's still surgery, and she'll be under general anesthesia for that. It's going to be such a change for me as I am used to me being on the operating table and not her. I am used to signing forms and talking with the surgeons and anesthesiologists etc. Yes, she's had 2 C-sections (last one being in 2000), but she is generally extremely healthy (thankfully she got her mom's genetics healthwise)

It's going to be a complete role reversal for both of us. I am comfortable in the patient role and she is comfortable in the caretaker role. Thankfully, with arthroscopic surgery, she won't be laid up for long. Not like it would be with full blown knee surgery.

If you could all please keep her in your thoughts, I'd be very appreciative. We are all so ready to have this taken care of.

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