Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jumping in with two feet

It wasn't until I started really getting into this book blogging thing that I realized something.

I'm overzealous when it comes to entering book giveaways. It's already to the point where I have had to stop entering the giveaways.

My initial thought before I started going giveaway crazy was Oh I'll be lucky if I win just one of these giveaways. Now all I can think is oh crap,what if I win them all? Rational? No I don't think so.It fits my personality though. When I get involved in something,I go all in.

This whole marketing a blog,plus trying to get authors interested in having you review their books is exhausting.I have 4 Kindle books at various points of completion.5 books I recently bought from Amazon are on their way to me and I have my first review of a book sent to me in PDF format.I will be hosting that author on my blog in June.

So I really need to slow my butt down now before I get buried in books to the point where I can't dig myself out of the hole.

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