Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Kindle Invasion

Since I am still excitedly waiting for my big box of hard copy books from Amazon I decided to buy a couple of books for my Kindle to tide me over.

Deceived-Part 1 New York by Eve Carter (erotica) I am 54% of the way through it.
Cloaks & Veils by J.C. Carlsen (mystery/suspense) I am 22% of the way through it.
Reckless Rescue by Rinelle Grey (Sci-Fi) I am 17% of the way through it.

Just seeing these three titles written down plus the different genres they are in shows that I have a wide variety of books that I will read & review.

Hopefully these books will be finished and the reviews will be up before my big box arrives from Amazon.

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  1. Kindle is so convenient to carry.I love paperbacks but I am a constant traveller. I often wonder how I would manage without the electronic media. Thank god for the inventions...:)


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