Monday, September 16, 2013

Review: Her Sister (Search for Love #7) by Karen Rose Smith

Book Title: Her Sister
Author: Karen Rose Smith
Published Date: June 15th, 2013
Publisher: Karen Rose Smith
Genre: Contemporary
Series: Book #7 in Search for Love Series
Book Link: Goodreads
Purchase Link: Amazon 

Synopsis from Goodreads:
HER SISTER, Book 7 in Karen Rose Smith's SEARCH FOR LOVE series. Contemporary women's fiction with romance and mystery.

Clare's little sister, Lynnie, was abducted twenty-seven years ago. Now the retired detective who has never been able to let go of the cold case has a lead. Lynnie could be alive! Clare's neighbor, Joe, an occasional friend until now, gives her support and wants more than friendship. Clare's mom, Amanda, thrown together again with her ex-husband into a crisis discovers forgotten love beneath the regrets. Clare's sixteen year old daughter, Shara, decides to run from her problems instead of facing them. A devoted sister, a turmoiled mom and a rebellious daughter find their way back to each other in this contemporary ebook about three generations who discover love can knit their family back together again.

Disclaimer: I received this e-galley from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

The prologue sets up the shift in family dynamics only a few hours after 3 year old Lynnie has gone missing. It captures instantly Clare's continuing feelings of not being heard. 5 year old Clare is trying to tell her parents about the blue car that she had seem watching herself and Lynnie. Her parents aren't listening to her and that sets up the beginning of the rift that carries on through childhood and well into adulthood.

Now,Clare's all grown up and she has a sixteen year old daughter of her own.Clare's parents separated and then divorced 2 years after Lynnie was taken,but they still remain in their granddaughter's life despite still being awkward around each other. Now news has reached them about the possibility of Lynnie being alive. Now Max and Amanda along with Clare must find out if Lynnie is coming home and if she is coming home, will they recognize her at all?

Along with that, Clare must decide if her neighbor, Joe is to be trusted with her body and most importantly, her heart. Clare's daughter Shara is about to find out the danger of befriending someone you've never actually met in real life. I think Shara was a good kid overall but she definitely got in over her head. Not totally uncommon with teenagers.

I liked this book. It was a quick read with likable and interesting characters. Up until the ending I was going to give it 4 stars but then I had to knock it back to three stars based on the simple fact that I hated the ending. It left me SO completely unsatisfied. I mean if the author was going to do a cliffhanger, than the book should have been longer to eliminate the cliffhanger and finish the unfinished storyline.

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