Friday, October 18, 2013

Book Blogger Challenge-Week 6

Hello again everyone,I'm back for the sixth installment of the book blogger challenge.This comes from Good Books and Good Wine. I made it into a weekly thing instead of doing it daily. So check out my answer to this week's question and tell me how book shopping has gone for you before and or after you started blogging.

Week 6- Describe How You Shop For Books
I really don't have a specific way I shop for books. Before blogging I would just go to a bookstore and pick up something without knowing anything about it.I often didn't even recognize the author's name. Now I go to bookstores looking specifically for certain titles, often titles that my fellow bloggers have mentioned to me. I rarely ever shop blindly anymore.

I still shop on Amazon.Actually that's where I buy the majority of my books. I do have bookstores nearby but Amazon is SO darn convenient.Yeah the waiting can be a real pain in my butt, but it is SO exciting to get a package in the mail.

So how do you shop for books?


  1. It's so cool to be able to shop and KNOW what you're looking for. (Unless you're like me and make a list then forget it / all the titles you want suddenly leave your head when you're in a bookstore.) lol.

    1. Actually that HAS happened to me. I went in looking for some specific titles but then I got sidetracked by pretty covers.

  2. Usually my attention is caught by what others are talking about reading, especially in the genres I love (YA fantasy, in particular). I'll check out the books on Amazon and add them to my wish list. I have a Kindle, so I always purchase the Kindle format. If I see a book I want is on sale or having a free day, I'll grab it right then and there. I have TONS of books on my Kindle, waiting for me to gobble them up :)


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