Friday, January 3, 2014

Book Blogging/Reviewing Resolutions

Hello everyone and welcome to the year 2014. Wow, can you believe that we are already in 2014? It seems like it was yesterday when I started my blog. Yes I know, 8 months isn't really that long ago, but I have grown a lot as a blogger & reviewer in the past 8 months. I've made friends, I've improved my book reviews, I've noticed mistakes I've made and I've worked to correct them.

So onto my resolutions for this year.

1. Stop requesting so many books.
2. Limit Book Tours to books I am truly excited about.
3. Comment more on blogs.
 4. Get my own blog out in the Twitterverse and Blogosphere more often.
5. Get the courage to contact publishers and request physical ARC's.

So those are my top 5 blogging/reviewing resolutions.Did you make any blogging/reviewing related resolutions this year?

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