Thursday, June 6, 2013

May Wrap-Up

May was certainly an interesting month. I continued my new venture as a book blogger,entered FAR too many giveaways and connected with a TON of book bloggers & authors on Twitter, Facebook, GoodReads & even Instagram.

  • I reviewed If You Stay by Courtney Cole and gave it five stars.
  • I created three mini-reviews for books that weren't terrible but I didn't have a lot to say about them.Tuesday's Child,Indelible Love: Emily's Story & The Job Offer.
  • I wrote about how much I loved my Kindle and how I had been attempting to do some more reading on it.
  • I wrote about how I had jumped right in with two feet into this book blogging thing.Also how crazy I was with these giveaways.
  • I reviewed Deceived:Part One New York. This was an erotic book written by Eve Carter.I gave this one two stars. The editing was stellar but the actual content of the book was not very high quality.
  • I wrote about how I was already having to turn down review requests.I hadn't expected to be doing that,right off the bat. I had figured it would take awhile for my name to get out there
  • I wrote about my book haul that I had bought for myself and how I didn't know which book I was going to read first.
  • I reviewed Ultraviolet by R.J. Anderson and I gave that one a glowing review as well.It was different,but good different and written well. This one is now on my list for favorite books that I've read in 2013.
  • I reviewed The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard.This one was yet another stellar one that earned it's place on my favorite books of 2013 list.
  • My final post of May was on how Mental Illness is depicted in books. I did a few very short reviews on some of my favorite books on the subject.


  1. I like your mini-review idea.

  2. I may do that for a few books that I had to put in the DNF pile. It doesn't feel right now to acknowledge that I attempted to read.


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