Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review: Sweet Serendipity by Jenna Pizzi

I had a million and one problems with this book despite the fact that the cover was sexy.

Rebecca is a dissatisfied housewife and mother of two who has grown apart from her husband Jack. Until she discovers that Jack is having an affair with a younger,blond woman.From the moment that she discovers the affair,she changes completely and although her longtime friends Emily & Natasha "Tasha" disagree, the changes in Rebecca are not good ones.

She meets a younger artist by the name of Ethan and almost instantly she cannot keep her hands off him.I personally have a big issue with people running into relationships just weeks after the end of a marriage. Especially when there are kids involved.She turned into a selfish,horny teenager and I'm sorry but I just cannot deal with that. Yes she's a woman but she's a mother first.She got so involved with Ethan that she didn't even notice that her youngest child was slipping into a depression.

The book was overall really really slow and only picked up in certain spots. Not to mention that the spelling was atrocious. Again I found myself wondering where was the editor and why hadn't he caught these mistakes. The characters themselves were boring and not interesting at all. The only one I cared about was Adam,Rebecca and Jack's son.

I have to give this book 1 star. I finished it but with all the editing issues and the underdevelopment of the characters,I cannot in good sense give it more than one star.

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