Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: Picturing Perfect by Melissa Brown


Author: Melissa Brown
Publish Date: June 11th,2013
Available at in paperback & Kindle versions. Also available at Barnes & Noble in Nook version.
Synopsis: Jason Kelly and Hadley Foster have known each other since they were children. Hadley has been best friends with Jason's sister Auden since they were kids. Hadley has been in relationship with Tucker for nearly 7 years.It isn't until she gets some unexpected news that she realizes just how wrong Tucker is for her. Jason is a writer but after a chance encounter with Hadley,his work begins to suffer.Will Jason and Hadley find their way to each other and realize that the feelings that each of them have are shared by the other person.

Review: I happened to get this as a freebie and I was happy because I needed something "fluffy" to read. I almost wish I hadn't wasted my time on this one. Yes it was a quick read but this formula was exactly like almost every other "fluffy" book I've read lately.

I really loved how Hadley worked at a day center for mentally challenged adults and I really wish we had seen more of that.I loved Hadley's back story. Jason was aggravating.He was uncomplicated which can be a good thing but when characters are uncomplicated it means that the writers didn't delve into them enough. Tucker was a straight up asshole and I wanted to pound him into the ground as soon as humanly possible. I loved seeing the evolution of Hadley's mom.She started off still in a depression over her husband's death that had happened years ago and she slowly emerged from the dark cloud of depression.I tried to connect with Auden but I really couldn't.

The editing and flow of the book were fine. No editing issues at all which was a relief.I really detested how quickly Hadley jumped into a new relationship. I was annoyed because I think everyone needs to take time in between relationships to make sure that they don't make the same mistakes in the new relationship.

Would I recommend this book to someone else? Unfortunately I have to say no.It was boring and predictable. For that reason I have to give it 2 stars.Of course this is merely my own opinion and someone else may absolutely adore this book.It just wasn't for me.


  1. Oh boo this sounds like it has so much potential. There is not much that annoys me less than insta love or a quick moving relationship where you don't even have time to understand why they're attracted to each other. It makes it so unemotional and distant. Oh well, hope your next read is better!

  2. It felt like it was love out of convenience.I wanted a fluffy read after my heavy read recently. But this was just not good.


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